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Web Design

Website Design

We don’t just build websites; We craft digital experiences that elevate your brand.
Our mission? To transform small and medium-sized businesses into online powerhouses. 

Your website design will largely depend on what type of website you want to make and your goals for it

E-Commerce Website

Order an eCommerce website and you can provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, allowing them to effortlessly browse, select and purchase products that capture their interest. You can sell your own creations or dropship products from your online store. The best eCommerce websites make the buying experience as easy as possible by offering product pages with robust imagery, enticing product descriptions and multiple payment options for you to set up your own online marketplace.


Real-life eCommerce website examples:


  • The Spice Suite sells gourmet spices, herbs and infused oils. Its website draws people in with bright colors while sharing the inspiring story of founder Angel Gregorio, who’s both a home cook and activist for other small business owners.

  • Something Good Studio offers artist-designed blankets, throws and mats. Its website dynamically illustrates the company’s mission of using art and design to encourage positive well-being, happiness and purpose.

E-Commerce Website ATNM Digital Solutions
Business Website ATNM Digital Solutions

Business Website

Even if you don't plan on selling anything in an online store, a website is still helpful for establishing an online presence, building your brand and advancing your entrepreneurship goals. When building a business website, whether for B2B or B2C, focus on the needs of your customers and explain how your company will solve their unique challenges. These law firm website examples show how a website can be used both to showcase your business and attract new clients.


Real-life business website example:


  • The Puffin Packaging business website explains that its wool-insulated packaging is an affordable, sustainable solution to polystyrene boxes. The site uses clean lines, colorful images and plenty of white space to draw the interest of its readers on both desktop and mobile.

  • Animal Music Studios provides music composition, sound design and audio mixing services. The website features previous projects the team has done for brands like Comcast, Infinity and Popeye’s.

Portfolio Website

If you’re a photographer, artist or writer, a portfolio website can help you reach and impress potential employers or clients and act almost as your art resume. An online portfolio website typically include images, videos or clips that show off your best work. A portfolio website also allows you to establish your own personal branding, giving visitors a glimpse into your personality, interests and values.


Real-life portfolio website examples:


  • Graphical artist Lu Xinyao uses his portfolio to display his hand-drawn pictures, digital art and animations. His site shows the breadth of his artistic style, from Chinese ink to landscape illustrations.

  • Ryan Haskins uses his bold portfolio website to display artwork he’s created for clients such as the New York Times and Netflix.

Portfolio Website ATNM Digital Solutions
Blog Website ATNM Digital Solutions

Blog Website

Starting a blog provides a platform to share written, visual and digital content about your interests. Once you’re up and running, you might even see opportunities for monetization, such as affiliate marketing, display advertising and selling ad space. You can also share directly from your blog to your social media platforms and accounts.


Real-life blog website example:


  • Estie Kessler uses her home blog, Abode by Estie, to turn her passion for lifestyle writing into a highly profitable business. Within her posts about interior design, travel and style, she shares affiliate links to her favorite home goods store and sells packages to readers who want to work with her design firm.

Startup Website

There are few things as invigorating as starting your own business. Creating a startup website can enable you to share that energy and introduce your game-changing idea to the world. Startup websites may include landing pages, product demos and reviews. At first they might also include a crowdfunding page, or other funding resources. Overall, your website’s overarching goal should be to attract customers and investors.


Real-life startup website example:


  • Ception offers construction and mining companies an AI-powered solution to increase the safety, productivity and sustainability of mobile-machinery operations. Its website spells out Ception’s value proposition, shares company news and introduces users to the startup’s founders.

  • Mananalu captures attention with an enticing proposition: for every aluminum bottle package purchased, the company partners with a nonprofit to offset significant amounts of plastic waste.

Startup Website
Landing Page ATNM Digital Solutions

Landing Page Website

A landing page website is designed to market one specific product or service. The two most common types of landing pages are non-gated (open to anyone) and gated (people must enter details, such as their name and email address, for access). You can use a landing page to introduce a new product, attract leads or drive online traffic to a specific webpage.


Real-life landing page website example:


  • This landing page uses stunning illustrations, actionable language and alluring CTA buttons to encourage visitors to create account.

Booking Website

A booking website helps you get right down to business. It allows users to sign up for classes, accommodations or services online. Booking websites let customers choose their preferred date, time and cost. They also include recommendations, reviews and contact information.


Real-life booking website example:


  • Nutritionist Diana Javanovic uses her booking website, Nutri Me, to make it simple for clients to register for an initial consultation, follow-up visits, 21-day detox diets and more.

Booking Website ATNM Digital Solutions
Wedding Website

Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website helps your special day into an unforgettable experience. Use it to share information with your guests, offer details about the festivities and post your registry. You can also include videos, photos and stories about your relationship and bridal party.

Community Website

With a community website, you can build trust and engagement with people who share a common cause. For example, you could build an LGBTQ+-friendly website that provides an authentic and exclusive destination for members of the community.


Real-life community website examples:


  • Out Agency is a team of LGBTQIA+ change agents dedicated to elevating communities, inspiring people and delivering results. Its website promotes the agency’s community-building events and diversity workshops.

  • Generation She focuses on creating a community of exceptional female talent that can build and lead the next generation of billion-dollar companies. Its online community offers access to career opportunities, events and mentorship.

Community Website
Blockchaun Website ATNM Digital Solutions

Blockchain Website

From Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Wallets, Launchpads, and NFT-Infused GameFi Experiences, we craft cutting-edge websites that redefine the digital landscape. Elevate your online presence with innovative blockchain solutions tailored to your vision.

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