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ATNM Digital Solutions delivers fintech software solutions to brokerage and prop trading businesses with stable and high-performing technology products. Our professionals work on software development to provide customers with all the latest innovations and best practices.

ATNM Digital Solutions solution catalogue covers a wide range of trading technologies with the 3 main groups: Margin, Deliverable & Liquidity. All these groups include the specific + types of market demands where ATNM Digital Solutions can demonstrate relevant experience.

As a provider of cutting-edge technological solutions to the FX and digital assets industry for over three years, our highly experienced teams of IT, Legal and Financial professionals ensure all clients have the most comprehensive support during their business development journeys.

ATNM Digital Solutions fintech software solutions


Margin Trading Solutions

Margin Trading Solutions ATNM Digital Solutions

ATNM Digital Solutions provides a wide spectrum of margin trading software solutions that allow your business to automate full-cycle trading processes. The right combination of ATNM Digital Solutions products gives traders cutting-edge tools that support their end-to-end trading journey. Select the exact solution that you are looking for and explore the exact value for your business:

A complete software solution for leveraged trading of digitized assets:

  • Unlimited number of digital, fiat and tokenized assets instruments for trading;

  • Broad choice of ready-to-use Liquidity Providers;

  • Full technical support and education

A complete software solution for fintech brokerage business:

  • Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Digital instruments supported;

  • Automated Risk management tools;

  • MT4/MT5 compatible

Unite experienced traders and people who are interested in financial markets all over the world:

  • Real-time data collection and advanced analytical tool with variety of statistic parameters

  • User-friendly and easily operated web- interface;

  • Maximum flexibility in customization to meet different broker’s needs

Deliverable Trading Solutions

Digital Asset Trading Software ATNM Digital Solutions

Complete end-to-end digital asset trading solutions by ATNM Digital Solutions. We allow our clients to focus on business development activities where our professionals fully handle the technological development and support.

ATNM Digital Solutions digital asset trading solutions’ cost is significantly lower compared to building a company's own technology from scratch.

Our team guarantees a minimum time to market to give our clients an opportunity to operate like a tech company in months, not years.

A secure, stable white label solution with dozens of integrations with a 2-week implementation:

  • Compliance with state-of-the art safety measures to protect client data and funds;

  • Over 15 ready-to-use connectors to external digital asset liquidity providers;

  • Built in KYC / AML tools

An all-in-one application for margin trading of digital and derivative trading instruments, a fully customizable digital asset trading software package by ATNM Digital Solutions, the core of deliverable trading process.

Depending on your business needs, we will create an implementation roadmap.

  • Advanced matching engine (thousands operations per second);

  • FIX API, REST API, and Web Sockets API supported;

  • Algo Studio with preset Market Making algos;

  • Customizable user experience;

  • Fast implementation;

  • Ultimate tech support and consulting services.

Liquidity Aggregator Solution

Liquidity Aggregation Solution

ATNM Digital Solutions provides the software solution for liquidity aggregation from various external and internal sources within a single view. It supports different combinations of order types and tiered pricing.

It makes it possible to digitize and tokenize the assets, as well as to create the custom trading instruments and indices. This advanced solution makes it possible for the companies to manage their liquidity, so that the numerous combinations for best execution and smart order routing could be set up according to specific rules defined by each firm.

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