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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Unlock the future of finance with our advanced crypto wallet development solutions that keep your assets secure & open a pool of opportunities for global businesses.

Crypto Wallet ATNM Digital Solutions

Your Trusted Partner for
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Wallet Development ATNM Digital Solutions

Did you know that the global crypto market in 2021 had 76.32 million users, which increased to 84.02 Million in 2022? Financial institutions and crypto firms are capitalizing on their investments with crypto wallet development experts and earning profitable returns. Crypto wallet development is a set of activities blockchain wallet developers perform to design, develop and deploy the wallets.

Choosing the right wallet development team is daunting, especially when there are several providers out there. This is when ATNM Digital Solutions, the leading crypto wallet development company, comes into action. As an established firm, we aim to simplify the process of launching crypto wallets for global corporations. Our experts have years of experience and vast domain knowledge and integrate cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, web3, and smart contracts while developing next-gen crypto wallets that are highly secured, compatible, and future-proof. We develop customizable digital wallets keeping the requirements and purpose in mind.


Our experts have vast experience and expertise in building web or mobile-based crypto wallets from scratch or can develop a ready-made White-Label wallet solution. Get quality & timely crypto wallet development solutions. consult our subject matter experts today!

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development ATNM Digital Solutions

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions

Launch a robust and scalable crypto wallet for DEXs, NFT marketplaces, crypto trading and reward platforms.

Our experts assist businesses interested in developing custom wallets that are launched them in the least time.

We develop effective solutions to help you engage with new-age crypto enthusiasts in a better way.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We develop a variety of crypto wallets to enable secure storage and transfer of crypto assets.

Web Wallet Development

Web Wallets can be accessed anytime via the internet. They store small saving safely and offer multi-cryptocurrency support with exchange trading.

White-Label Wallet Development

Users can earn, transfer and monitor virtual currencies using the White Label Crypto Wallet.

Our main goal is to develop scalable and highly-secure wallets.

Defi Wallet Development

Defi wallets give users complete authority over their digital assets. Our experts will inform you about the benefits to help you make the most out of it.

NFT Wallet Development

Keep NFT's & Digital assets secure using NFT wallet development.Our team emphasizes the mechanism intricacies to deliver practical solution.

Mobile Wallet Development

These crypto-wallet app solutions provide high-end functionality & access cryptos on mobile devices.They are suitable for making remote payments & transactions.

MPC Wallet Development

Protect private keys from unauthorized access by storing in NFT wallet development solution. Multiple trustless parties process the transaction & hold assets securely.

Centralized Wallet Development

Third parties entirely control centralized wallet development solutions. The paper whitelisting ensures that the transactions occur quickly.

Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum wallet development provides a safe space for Ethereum tokens such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC777 & ERC1155 which can be accessed without any hassle.

Tron Wallet

We develop a personalized wallet for businesses on Tron. Our wallets can manage TRX (Tron native currency) & other currencies.

Coin-Based Wallet

Store your proprietary tokens securely in a Coin-based wallet development solution. These wallets come with asset handling instructions & will benefit every firm.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet has become a trendsetter in the crypto space.

It consists of advanced security & multi-chain support.

Multichain Wallet

Keep multiple assets on defferent blockchains by leveraging multichain wallet development.

The platform helps in portfolio diversification & manages assets efficiently.

White Label Cryptocurrency
Wallet Development

ATNM Digital Solutions develops world-class customizable wallets for start-ups and well-established enterprises.

We develop solutions for blockchain projects, crypto exchange platforms, DEXs, investment platforms, etc.

Our wallet solutions offer numerous benefits like unparalleled performance, user-friendliness,high-graded security, and matchless technical skill sets.

We have vast experience and wide domain knowledge of developing custodial and non-custodial wallets. By leveraging our world-class service, you can launch cryptocurrency wallets as desktop apps, wallet apps, and web browser extensions.

Our wallets undergo immune tests and have the ability to process numerous transactions at a time.

  • Multichain Compatability

  • Store numerous assets

  • Regular Smart Contract Audits

  • Pre & Post Development Support

  • Crypto staking/Lending

  • NFT & Defi Integration

White Label Crypto Wallet ATNM Digital Solutions

Significant features of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions

Sending ATNM Digital


Users can send cryptos directly from their wallets & credit them on their cards. The concept is like traditional accounts used to send money to users.

Swapping ATNM Digital


Token swapping feature ingrained in the wallet eliminates the requirement of a separate wallet integration service.

Staking ATNM Digital


The wallets support activities like staking & can perform trading on the DeFi platform.

User Chat ATNM Digital

User Chat

Communicating with wallet users worldwide has become simpler with the user chat feature provided by the wallet.

Price Graph ATNM Digital

Price Graph

Users can send cryptos directly from their wallets & credit them on their cards. The concept is like traditional accounts used to send money to users.

Add Custom Token ATNM Digital

Add Custom Token

Token swapping feature ingrained in the wallet eliminates the requirement of a separate wallet integration service.

Multichain dApp Browser ATNM Digital

Multichain dApp Browser

The wallets support activities like staking & can perform trading on the DeFi platform.

API Connections to Crypto Exchanges ATNM Digital

API Connections to Crypto Exchanges

Communicating with wallet users worldwide has become simpler with the user chat feature provided by the wallet.

Over The Counter Trading ATNM Digital

Over The Counter Trading

Users can trade seamlessly without experiencing any intervention from the third-parties.

Vendor Payments ATNM Digital

Vendor Payments

Make vendor payments faster using the QR code in cryptos which are equivalent to Fiat.

Cash Out ATNM Digital

Cash Out

Enjoy easy deposit, withdraw & send FIAT currencies directly using your prepaid or master cards.

Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments ATNM Digital

Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

Crypto wallets deny any duplicate payments on the platform to prevent chargebacks.

Trending Crypto Wallet Clone Development Solutions

Here are some trending wallet clones built by our developers, which can be customized based on their requirements and end goals.

Trust Wallet Clone

Trust wallet clone is a white-label crypto wallet app that works the same way as trust wallet. It is integrated with features and functionalities that provide a secure and convenient solution to store, send and receive cryptocurrency, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc.

Trust Wallet Clone ATNM Digital

Metamask Wallet Clone

Metamask clone wallet helps to interact with Ethereum-based distributed applications that process transactions quickly. We provide Metamask clones for browsers with installation on the web and mobile.

Metamask Wallet Clone ATNM Digital

Tron-Link Wallet Clone

Accessing the Tron blockchain has become simple with the Tron link wallet. Users can connect to a website using the Tron link wallet to send and receive assets as it is present, like a browser extension for Android and iOS applications.

Tron-Link Wallet Clone ATNM Digital

Partner with ATNM Digital Solutions to Enhance the Wallet Experience.
Consult Us To Obtain An Estimate Quote!

Security Features Integrated into Our
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Multi-Factor Authentication ATNM Digital

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication enhances the security of the wallets. Our wallet development solutions include public and private keys & end-to-end encryption makes the transaction process safe.

Regular Audits ATNM Digital

Regular Audits

Every crypto wallet developed by our experts undergoes a third-party audit before deployment before making them accessible to the general public.

Multi-Party Computation(MPC) ATNM Digital

Multi-Party Computation(MPC)

MPC technology is integrated within the wallets for secure storage & management of private keys. Private key into multiple shares and distributes among different parties, making accessing the wallet contents difficult.

Wallet Use Cases That Will Transform Your Financial Journey!

Apart from big wallet providers, individuals can develop crypto wallets as per their business needs.
Here is the complete list of the best crypto wallet use cases:

Boost Engagement & Personalization

  • Wallet makes Bitcoin transfer to any Ethereum address simpler.

  • Ethereum & Smart Contracts integration makes the wallet unbreakable & unbackable after deployment.

Shared Savings and Pooling

  • One of the significant features of crypto wallets is shared savings and pooling.

  • Our crypto wallet development solutions offer secure identity verification, can be linked to other accounts.

Merchant Payments

  • Make merchant payments swiftly & buy items online and offline via credit cards & debit cards using the wallet.

  • This feature makes the payment process simpler, safer, and more economical.

Investment and Trading

  • Our cryptocurrency wallet application can be connected to exchanges to help users buy, sell, & trade assets.

  • This linking simplifies the process of managing investments & trade execution.

Provides Rewards, Coupons & Discounts

  • Under loyalty programs, users are rewarded for keeping their cryptos in their wallet.

  • This will increase your user base and helps you make the most of your investments.

Access dApps

  • Crypto wallets developed on Blockchain platforms like Ethereum offer compatibility with dApp

  • Our wallets support dApp interaction & perform various functions like managing their tokens and assets.

Supply Chain Management

  • We have been at the forefront of blockchain-based supply chain solutions.

  • Our crypto wallets offer secure tracking & verifying the movement of goods via. supply chain.

Digital Identity Management

  • Crypto wallets can act as secure repositories for digital identities, offering complete personal data control.

  • The platform offers secure & decentralized identity management solutions.

Tokenized Assets

  • Our Crypto wallets can serve as a means to store & manage these tokenized assets securely.

  • Our solutions ensure seamless transfer of funds & ownership of digital assets securely & transparently.

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