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Product description

Trader PAMM system Forex software offers an opportunity to introduce an investment tool that will attract a whole new category of traders to a brokerage.

ATNM Digital Solutions PAMM Forex system software enables the mechanism of investing in Masters who have experience in trading confirmed by statistical data and, accordingly, expanding the number of individuals who can use your services.

Pamm Service ATNM Digital

What is PAMM technology?

What is Trader PAMM technology?

PAMM system Forex software is a technology which implies placing funds of investors (Followers) connected to a specific offer on a single account managed by a trader (the Master).

Manager can trade investors' funds at his discretion. The distribution of profits and losses is proportional to each participant's share in accordance with the amount of investment.

Trader PAMM system Forex software enables the opportunity for your best-performing clients to showcase their abilities to the tens of thousands of potential investors that are in need of experienced traders to follow.

Unlike hundreds of virtually identical PAMM solutions, our product is much more than a regular server plugin for MT4/MT5 platforms. ATNM Digital Solutions PAMM is a fully-featured SaaS web portal, with an advanced statistical computation system that presents all required information as a user-friendly graphical layout.

Why choose Trader PAMM?

Simple integration requirements

You only need to have a full or white label licensed MT4 or MT5 platform and a local PAMM manager to communicate with clients.

Full responsibility for seamless operations

Once the service is set up and running, it does not require any maintenance from the broker and support can be even transferred to a third party. For clearer and more comprehensive integration of the product into your business, the service activity reports can be uploaded to the broker's servers.

Trader PAMM workflow

Trader PAMM is a fully-featured SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product.

Launching the product involves creating a web portal, connecting it to your website and a trading platform server (MT4/MT5).

Brokerage clients will be able to login into the portal using their MT4/MT5 credentials.

Full-service cycle

We take full responsibility for the deployment, setup, and update of the service. A client would need just to fill in an xls. questionnaire with all the data we need for integration. Upon release, you will receive a fully functional service ready for operation. The complete configuration and installation process takes no more than 4 weeks. The ATNM Digital Solutions support team will always be around to help on every step of your journey.

Gentle learning curve

The architecture and functionality of the service are designed so as not to overwhelm a manager during the whole introduction period. Two weeks of ordering customer’s time are more than enough to fully and smoothly immerse in all the intricacies of investment platform software and aspects of integration with Metatrader products.

Trader PAMM ATNM Digital Solutions

Introducing Masters and Followers

The product connects the two categories of your platform's clients, Masters and Followers.

Masters are clients who successfully trade on their accounts and provide other traders the opportunity to copy their trading strategies.

Followers are clients who accepted an offer to copy Master’s trading strategy on Follower Account.

Masters manage their personal funds through a given PAMM Account, and their trading strategy is replicated on the Followers' own funds. PAMM Account performance can be viewed and analyzed with the help of advanced analytics that provides information in digital and graphic forms.

Managing Masters and Followers

Unlike many other PAMM solutions, Trader PAMM software allows Followers to select a Master that meets specific criteria in terms of performance and risk management requirements. The followers retain complete control of their deposits and withdrawals, with all fees and commissions being transparent.

  • Masters can set up multiple Offers with different parameters for Followers with varied funds and risk profiles.

  • The service keeps each Follower Account record individually, and the gains and losses are automatically distributed by the system between the Master and the Followers based on the proportion of assigned funds, so that each party receives its part of return.

  • Potential Followers make their choices based on the performance charts displaying the Masters’ past trading results.

  • ATNM Digital Solutions PAMM service allows the Master to import their Myfxbook trading history.

How Trader PAMM protects investor’s interests

Investor funds are protected by terms of use

Followers have an exclusive right to assign and revoke funds at any time and to compose an Offer with their own parameters.

Full automation

All the settlement operations (the distribution of profits, losses and the Master’s fees) are automatically carried out by the PAMM Service.

Accessible analytics

Trader PAMM ATNM Digital Solutions

Followers can choose their masters knowledgeably with a set of assessment tools, public monitoring and performance ratings of PAMM Accounts.

PAMM Forex ATNM Digital Solutions

Convergence of goals and objectives

The service requires Masters to trade their own funds, thus aligning the interests of Followers and Masters.

Drawdown limit

This mechanism allows to reduce losses of Followers' funds in case of unprofitable trading on a PAMM account.

Comparison table of ATNM PAMM software and other related services

Our product is exclusively a PAMM service in its purest form. This solution is driven by the fact that, in terms of key requirements, PAMM technology provides users with more crucial capabilities than its analogues.

Comparison table of ATNM PAMM software and other related services ATNM Digital Solutions

We are ready to provide you with the product demo for a whole month of use

During this period we will answer any questions you may have about the product and the workflow. Leave a request below:

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