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From Tabletop to VR,
We Game It All

Virtual Reality and Board Games Studio

About ATNM Studio

From Tabletop to Virtual Reality

ATNM Studio is a innovative game development company specializing in virtual reality and board games. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we aspire to become the leading game supplier for markets across Canada, United States, and European Union.

Through crowdfunding initiatives, our studio delivers unforgettable experiences to users, whether they're gathered around a table with family or immersed in virtual reality. We're committed to creating captivating games that bridge the gap between digital and physical play.

Our vision extends beyond game creation; we aim to foster a global community where players can connect and interact both in real life and virtual spaces.

At ATNM Studio, we're not just developing games – we're crafting shared experiences and building a worldwide network of enthusiasts united by their love for gaming.

ATNM Studio
ATNM Studio
Наши игры

Our Games

Immerse yourself in our games and forever change your world

Magic Jungle

Tabletop Game

Embark on a mystical adventure through an enchanted rainforest in this exciting board game for 2-5 players.

Navigate treacherous paths, encounter magical creatures, and collect ancient artifacts as you race to uncover the jungle's greatest secret.

Moon War Meta

VR Game

An open world space action VR adventure that can be played both alone and together.

Back us on Kickstarter for Exclusive items and a Chance to

Win Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro

Treasure Box

VR Game

Coming Soon

Magic Jungle
Magic Jungle
ATNM Studio

Join Our Team

As a part of ATNM Studio, we strive to hire the best and value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration.


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We appreciate your interest in our company. You can leave any request using the form provided, and we will answer you promptly.

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